How to create new email addresses in SmarterMail 5

Posted on December 5, 2008 by - Email Help

The first step is to login to the webmail interface at (see the screen shot below each step as an example)

email setup step 1

Then click on “Settings” on the toolbar at the top

email setup part 2

On the left menu expand the “Domain Settings” branch (double click on “Domain Settings”, or single click the + to the left of “Domain Settings”)

If you don’t see the Domain Settings branch it means your account is not a domain administrator account. Contact support if you are the domain admin, but you don’t know your admin account details.

With the menu expanded click “Users”

new email setup part3

Then click “New” in the pane to the right

new email step 4

Fill in the details for your new email address including:

  1. User name (the part of the address before the @ symbol)
  2. Password (use a combination of letters and numbers)
  3. Display name (optional – it’s the friendly name that indicates who an email is from in your recipients email program)
  4. Finally set the time zone and click “Save”


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